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Default Re: Naruto like campaign, beginner needs help

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Note that there is also a thing called a Power Block, found in GURPS Powers. It requires a roll vs. 3 + (Will + Power Talent)/2. If you make the roll, you can do one of two things:

* If you have an ability based on DR, it doubles the DR for the attack you're blocking.

* If you have an ability based on Control or Obscure, each level of the ability counts as DR 1 against any attack of a suitable kind.

That latter sounds like it might fit the special effects you're looking at, though the cost might prove excessive. One level of Control Earth (Chi, -10%; Elemental, -10%) would cost the character 16 points and give DR 1.
Hmmm. that sounds like it's getting a bit to complicated. Was just reading over Damage Resistance, and it seems like I should just have a straight DR value to the block, closer to what mikeejimbo suggested. Thank you though for the insight on other ways. This might work better for a stone wall shield for higher levels.

I was looking at the divisors (specifically the fractions) but that seems to be specified by the attack. I also looked at the Flexible Armor rules, and like the idea of (from Star Fleet Battles) splash damage that penetrates, and may re-work that idea a bit. Though I have to play out a bit of combat with powers in play, not sure how fast/slow I want combat to end. This is anime style-ish, so I am shifting away from realism.
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