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Default Re: Exalted: something broken, or just different power level?

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
It seems to be an assumption that Mooks are all Mortals anyway.
So the idea is that the PCs fight (or otherwise oppose) large hordes of mooks, who are not in any way individualized or defined in detail by the game mechanics, and then occasionally there's an interestnig fight against a detailed (and "named") NPC, one who makes use of the Charm Tree?

The whole "filler options" thing could be because Exalted has opted for a unit cost system, where all available choices cost 1 opportunity each, similar to the Talent Points in WoW or the Feats in D&D3 (or 4). I don't know if Exalted uses unit cost, but it's a reasonable guess to make. Systems which can assign different costs to different abilities, because they use varied point costs, such as GURPS or indeed dozens of other systems that use some kind of points, doesn't have to have that problem, with "filler" abilities".
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