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Default Re: Need help converting DtD to GURPS

Originally Posted by Ejidoth View Post
Just from a glance at the title ('Dungeons: The Dragoning: 40,000: 7th Edition') I think the edition number is just part of the general parody.
Yeah, I couldn't tell if it was part of the joke or not. By "chill out" I meant either about laying on the joke too thick, or releasing small revisions as "new editions". Whichever. The blog says it is "the best release yet" which implies some number of earlier versions. It definitely makes me even less interested in it than I was already.
As for timing 'per scene', the game time enhancement in Powers at least suggests 'uses per day' is roughly similar to 'uses per real-life hour'. You can use that to tune 'uses per scene', based on how long you think a scene should be on average.
I'm extremely wary of converting indie mechanics directly to GURPS, presumably you are converting in the first place because you like GURPS better than the indie system. Having formal "scenes" is most likely a result of the overall design philosophy that you are trying to get away from, so why convert it?
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