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Default Re: Need help converting DtD to GURPS

Originally Posted by samd6 View Post
Dungeons the Dragoning can be found here
A basically brand new game in it's 7th edition? This guy needs to chill out a little, I think. The link's not working for me, so I can't really look at it.
What is fair pricing for "X times a scene"? Or would it be better to go with recharge, and if so, what should the recharge be?
GURPS doesn't have formal "scenes" or "encounters" and I'm not sure it's a great idea to add them either. GURPS plays nicest with real-world metrics, so instead I'd do X times per minute or 10 minutes or whatever.
For ER, what bonus should "not tied to a power source" be?
Isn't that just FP? Do you want FP that can be spent but not drained? That's probably a +0% enhancement.
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