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Default Re: Teleport-walking?

It's important to remember that Warp does not require a Concentrate maneuver. Warp is a free action that requires an IQ-10 success roll, but preparation can give you a compensating bonus. If you are not allowed to prepare beforehand, I'd call that Can't Prepare, -10%. Combine that with Reliable or Cosmic, No Die Roll Required for whatever level of reliability you want.

Only being able to use it during movement maneuvers, but having it use up your movement, I'd call Accessibility, movement maneuvers, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage, Basic Move -5, Taboo Trait (Basic Move), -25% (I'd leave it at that for a grab-and-go pre-build ability, but adjust the disadvantage level as necessary if you're building for a particular character).

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
  • Having to perceive the destination directly - not being able to use CCTV, ESP, scrying, etc OR to use your own memories to reach a location seems like a big limitation. Bigger if you can't teleport through "sealed" barriers, like glass doors, or require a minimum "gap" size beyond a peephole in order to "see" through something.
I'd just keep it simple and call this Vision-Based, -20%.

If you can only teleport to places that you could get to by normal movement, this is Accessibility, Only places you could walk/climb to, given time, -20% (GURPS Horror, p. 20) or RPK's Must Traverse Distance, -30%. The former allows you to get to places that would usually require opening locked doors, etc., while the latter is for just regular movement.

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