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Default Re: Teleport-walking?

Originally Posted by seasong View Post
Warp (Cannot Exceed Basic Move, -2%;Cosmic, No Roll Required, +100%; Extra Carrying Capacity, Extra-Heavy, +50%; Gyroscopic, +10%; Limited Extra Time, None, -50%; Limited Range, 10 yards, -50%; No Second-Hand Viewing, -20%; Reliable 7, +35%; Temporary Disadvantage, Reduce Move by 1 yard per yard teleported, -28%) [140 or 59 with multiplicative modifiers]

Limited Extra Time, None is based on Limited Range, 10 yards. No Second-Hand Viewing is vaguely based on Accessibility.

Cannot Exceed Basic Move is priced negligibly, because it's easy enough to get around, and you already have the range limit. Temporary Disadvantage is calculated the same way as GURPS Powers suggests calculating Costs Fatigue for Variable attacks (p. 101). The maximum Move loss is 10, so the average loss is 5.5. The value is -5% per Move 1 lost, so that's -28%.
This must be a wrong build because it takes a trivial benefit and makes it cost more than having vanilla Warp.
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