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I definitely suggest staying away from Mutants and Masterminds 1st edition. It had a whole bunch of bugs and errors, and M&M2E is so much better it's ludicrous. Plus, by now I think 2E has more things in print than 1E ever did. It's a great system - definitely the best d20 system I've ever seen. Much better than D&D, especially with the whole point-based instead of level-based mechanic.

In running a Supers campaign, I'd probably vote for M&M2E - it fits better with the genre, as it was specifically made for Supers gaming. GURPS is great and all, and can still work really well for a Supers campaign, but it's also slightly more difficult to get a game that 'feels' the right. Too much realism in default GURPS (something I generally love about it);)
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