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Originally Posted by pyratejohn

If you were going to do GURPS Sky High, which books would you use? I've never used GURPS for supers (in fact, I haven't played superheroes since Superhero 2044), so I'm not too familiar with what has been published for the genre.
Gurps Supers + Powers is actually viable for thsi instance. Many of the Sky High kids didn't have any viable powers and few had a good combination of offense, defense and movement. No battlesuiters either which helps.

Posting on this board means it's probably your favorite system too.

Despite what other people might say do get Supers as well as Powers. Even if Powers had all the raw game mechanics (which it doesn't quite) Supers has much good advce on how to handle 4-color things in Gurps mechanics.

Champions/Hero system is always a good choice. It's perfect for knocking people out without killing them as a core strength.

Mutants & Masterminds is also quite viable (and D20 based so there's some bonus of familiarity there). 1st ed is also appealingly simple.

I think that's most of what's actually in current release.If you got to older games there's a lot of stuff, much of it dubious.
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