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Default Re: Do Shapeshifters duplicate the objects of their victims?

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Create is for bulk matter/energy, not particular objects (Powers 93). You'd also need Control to recreate specific items. You're probably better off with Snatcher. Create/Control are more a fallback for filling in those characters can can "do anything with water/ice/fire/light/etc" where other abilities don't quite provide the right effects.
Thanks for the heads-up. So I would go with either 1 or two options.

First, I could use enhancement Link (B106), and link Shapeshifter (B83-85; P74-75) with the Snatcher (P76) with Creation (P76) and Large Items (P76).

Second, I could use a Cosmic: Godlike [+300%] (PU4, p. 9) enhancement, which would allow the doppelganger to duplicate the equipment.
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