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Default Re: Do Shapeshifters duplicate the objects of their victims?

Create is for bulk matter/energy, not particular objects (Powers 93). You'd also need Control to recreate specific items. You're probably better off with Snatcher. Create/Control are more a fallback for filling in those characters can can "do anything with water/ice/fire/light/etc" where other abilities don't quite provide the right effects.

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Seeing as being able to turn into literally anything within your budget is only +50%, I wouldn't charge more than +20%
Morph lets you replace your character with the thing it turns into. Becoming a toaster, losing your superhero and its actions and other abilities, is considerably less valuable than becoming yourself plus a toaster, much less yourself plus any special equipment (with special abilities) that you can imagine. That's more like Duplication for as many individual items as you need, Linked to Morph, so that you can split into a dozen or more copies, all but one of which chooses to become a different item of equipment. (Probably worth inventing some special Limitations for "Equipment Only" and "Can't Act Other than to Re-Merge", but the result is still going to be a positive number. Seems like one of those approaches that could be made to work, but the uphill climb suggests it's not the best approach.)

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