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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Originally Posted by Magic_Octopus View Post
On the Nordlond map key both the white and black circle are identified as a "City of 5000-20000". The map key also says, that villages with less than 1500 inhabitants are not shown. I guess the black circle is supposed to be 1500-5000 inhabitants?

If I read the map correctly, Skógurenda is roughly 25 miles from Akkerisborg, so a days travel in non-ideal terrain, correct?
So, two things.

1. That was an error, fixed in later versions. You're correct about the black circles; they're towns of 1500-5000.

2. Much to my horror, the Nordlond map has a mistake in the scale. Double all of the distances. I'm going to correct this before the full versions see print, as well as on the 12x18" PDF and future print copies. It's supposed to be about 100 miles from Jįrngardr to Rosgarth.
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