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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Thank you Douglas!

I have another question:

Previously, I have run games with mysteries in them, and sometimes I have struggled to convey the whole story to the players. They have left without a clear picture of what was going on.

This happened with Hall of Judgment, where after defeating the demon the players were wondering what the place was actually about, and why the demon was there, etc.

Here's my conundrum with Citadel of Norvörn:
Could someone give some pointers on how to let the player characters know about Orm's (or his grandfather's) deal, the breaking of it, and the consequences? I have set the game up so that they will find out slowly about the creeping alfar threat, and also the connection between the bandits in Veiddarlond and Gunnulf.

But I haven't really figured out yet how should the players learn about Orm's deal, and what that entails. It is an interesting story, and I don't want to leave my players hanging.

Any advice on this front?
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