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Default Re: Gargoyle fist damage

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Stone fists versus claws in TFT seems like a flavor interpretation up to the GM, to me. I'm not sure what the difference would be other than how we imagine it?

As for Unarmed Combat, I would certainly allow it, and there was a Q&A in original TFT that said probably yes IIRC. However I would not have it stack with Brawling, and it's difficult for gargoyles to get enough IQ to learn higher levels of Unarmed Combat than the first level of the talent, which only gives +1 to the basic punch (same as brawling, but with the Kick option for +2 at -4 DX).
I like this idea a lot!

If I were to play a gargoyle long-term, I'd make sure he was with a wizard who was willing to summon greater demons to get a chance for higher IQ and UC. I think new XP and talent system might actually make it worse for gargoyle players because the talent choices are so limited for them...
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