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Originally Posted by JLV View Post
I figure the term "battery" must have fallen into disuse by a society that reverted to medieval agriculture and trade levels. Sages might know the term, but not too many other people, and "power stones" is probably how they would think of even a conventional battery.
This is a wonderfully insightful piece of thinking by JLV, and demonstrates what I refer to as: Thinking Through The Game To It's Manifest Conclusion. I personally find it most beneficial to think of Cidri as a real place, and when I do, my thinking properly follows suit. Even the term *strength* is awkward, insomuch that the player pays the spell cost charged against the value of the ST Attribute of his figure, but the wizard *character* draws on, manipulates, and expends power when manifesting his magics on Cidri.

It's the same difference in quality of thinking and attitude between a GM who informs the players what is happening with their characters by saying: "A large burly ruffian, who looks like he could beat the whole lot of you with the heavy wooden table you are sitting at, approaches your party at the tavern,..."; and the GM who says: "A large burly ruffian, with a ST of 25, and a DX of 13, approaches your party at the tavern."

It is the difference between playing a fantasy game, and experiencing a fantastical alternate reality.

A most well thought-out and *thought-through* reasoning on that one JLV.


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