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Default Re: Talents to give you more fatigue ST.

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Hi Zot, everyone.
I do not think your talents are powerful enough. In basic TFT, the only way to increase your memory (mIQ) is to raise your IQ by a full point. So for Arcane Stamina (2), the wizard is spending 2 attributes to gain 2 fatigue ST (fST). FAR better to just raise the wizard's ST and then you have more hitpoints, can bend bars better, etc.
Hi Rick,

Power-wise, rather than thinking of the talents as being worth IQ points, wouldn't it be better to think of them in terms of being worth spells? A wizard player would be thinking, "I'll have to give up two spells to get that, is this talent worth two spells?". To me, getting an extra 2 ST in a combat would definitely be worth two spells to a lot of players (of course I wrote something I thought made sense as a trade-off :)).

Framing it that way: you're almost getting +2 ST at no additional experience cost for the low-low price of two spells.

This is how I think of it but during our 5-years or so of TFT, we stuck with the as-written talent point system. If you pay experience for talents, like in some house rules I've seen, this would be a whole different ball game.

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