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Default Re: Rules puzzle: Extra Attack and readying

Originally Posted by Naloth
It's implied. It wouldn't be an EXTRA if you didn't take an attack.
I disagree, it's not implied. That isn't something that should ever be implied. That should be specifically spelled out. You can only use an extra attack if you've used your normal action this turn for an attack. That's not something to assume people will get. Most people will see it as getting an action and still being able to make an attack.
That's saying that if I run out of bullets in my first gun and can't attack with it, I'm required to stop shooting with my other gun. No. That makes no sense.
And that's a really BAD answer. Telekinesis with Animation is still classified as Telekinesis with Animation even if I'm not using TK to do it. It's a name. Get over it.

Originally Posted by Kelly Pederson
Kromm has weighed in on this
I don't think this has anything to do with this discussion. Kromm's discussion was about how many extra attacks you get in a turn.
However, if so, Kromm is also wrong in this case because, if you read Extra Attack, it explicitly gives you an extra attack maneuver.
Originally Posted by Characters P.54
Extra Attack is exactly that: an extra Attack maneuver on your turn in combat.
Therefore, you have an extra attack maneuver, so you can use your first action for whatever you want.
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