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Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
I always wonder about correct method of dealing with the hostage scenario

For example a scenario that occurred in game, my character a provincial governor fought off an assassination attempt in his palace and the fleeing assassin's grabbed a girl in their flight

Sound the alarm and pursue and catch the assassin's in the courtyard between the palace and the outer gates, the palace guard closing the gates and around and more and more soldiers spilling out of the palace and barracks and on the wall so the assassin's were extremely outnumbered and outgunned, the assassin's readied weapons and turned to face me except for the one putting a knife to the girls throat

So . . . . What would you do in this scenario?

"Surrender or die as you stand"
"No governor, we will not surrender. You will . . . "
"All units, open fire!"

. . . . This was not a successful rescue
Wait 'em out. They're trapped and know that as soon as the girl drops, all of them are dead. Offer them something - their lives.

"Let the girl go, tell us everything, the whole conspiracy and everyone involved and give sworn testimony of it all and you get life in prison instead of death right now."

For most people where there's life, there's hope. Most likely the prospect of escape from prison starts creeping into their minds almost immediately. Doesn't really matter that escape almost never works - everybody's the hero of their own story and heroes escape.

- Shane
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