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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Originally Posted by Balor Patch View Post
I think Fanaticism is the disadvantage of loyalty to an organization.
Yes... and:

"You obey its behavior codes and leaders willingly and unquestioningly."
(bolding mine)

Behavior codes means if the Fanatic devotee of LoL has Charitable, Compulsive Generosity, Pacifism*, Sense of Duty, or Selfless, they should never be making Self Control rolls, they should be going along with these disads at every opportunity!

Likewise, Fanatic devotees should never have Bloodlust, Bully, or Intolerance, unless it's a Racial problem (or curse, or whatever good reason), in which case the Fanatic devotee would work hard to suppress that nature.

Now this doesn't mean that a Fanatic devotee should be automatically played as though they have Charitable, Compulsive Generosity, Pacifism*, Sense of Duty, or Selfless, however, leaning hard in that direction from an rp perspective is probably a good idea.

So while I suggest that a Fanatic of LoL would not "kick in the door, kill the orc, and steal it's pie" as their first course of action... if the orc is a well-known unredeemable murderer, well, then, yes certainly go all Orc and Pie on the situation.

And that's how to handle a Fanatic of a peaceful, charitable deity in DFRPG. Just make sure that when presented with a narrow set of options, those options will either a) fit within the Fanatic's wheelhouse of actions, b) be okay due to constraints or circumstance (killing monsters), or c) at least present a meaningful moment of drama for the Fanatic as they question the worthiness of the mission and try to argue for a return to the 'righteous' path.

* Yes, I know Pacifism is missing from DFRPG. However, it does make for a decent addition to NPCs. Like when the Fanatic's party has to safeguard the travels of the ancient Priest of the Lady of Life, a Priest who has set aside all hatred and angry action and thus is triply blessed...
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