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Default Re: Unarmed vs. Knife

Originally Posted by TheOneRonin View Post
I'm not 100% sure how that is going to work.

Are you trying to Arm Lock his attacking arm? If so, he should still get the chance to Parry your Arm Lock with his Knife.

Are you trying to Arm Lock his non-attacking arm? I'm not sure you can do that.

It doesn't specifically say that you MUST capture the attacking arm, but I'm sure that was Peter's intent.
I think I read somewhere recently that you can lock any arm, not necessarily the one that was attacking you, but don't take my word for it.

Originally Posted by TheOneRonin View Post
If you've locked up the other arm, he can still attack you with the knife. I'm going to have to do some refresher reading before I can say definitively if it would be a wild swing or not.
Originally Posted by B389
If you have Peripheral Vision
(p. 74), two-handed melee attacks into
your right and left hexes, and one-
handed attacks to the same side (e.g.,
right hand to right hex), are not Wild
Swings. However, one-handed attacks
to the opposite side (e.g., right hand to
left hex), and attacks on foes behind
you, are still Wild Swings.
If the grappler is in the opposite-side hex, it's a Wild Swing, plus -4 for the grapple. Note that turning while grappled is problematic.

Originally Posted by TheOneRonin View Post
But like Tomsdad said, you really want to get control of the knife hand/arm.
Agreed, it's the best possible outcome.
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