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Pacifica continues with the presentation of her report and elaborates on the profiles of the potential Dread Stormers. At a certain point she stresses about the importance of teamwork and trust in the ship, and how it has been a foundation for the results she is presenting…

… Since the Dread Stormers made themselves present, we have been on alert, taking note of the rumours and odd events in our ship; my colleagues and I have been striving for sight beyond sight. And Sir, this takes to us an important matter: I have unconfirmed information regarding the engine section. It seems somebody has been spoiling the engines, which might lead to a malfunction that might not only compromise our mission, but could also threaten our crew.

Pacifica explains she received the information from Daymar Konic, a mate in the hyperspace team. She tells Zybo she is certain that summoning him might clear most of the questions that could stem from this pressing matter.

Pacifica's fast-talk (Zybo):
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