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Default Re: DFRPG momentarily on Board Game Breakfast

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
Your positivity is infectious on these forums. One of the major perks of GURPS and DFRPG is having such transparent access to the authors and editors on these forums.

As far as the tone of the product goes, you nailed it with DFRPG. At every session with my adult group, I introduce a few new rules that either apply to the beginning of the upcoming session or that clarify situations that we encountered in the previous session. I usually read the text aloud because it is crystal clear, flavorful, and funny. Last time we had a running gag about "killer bunnies and man-eating shrubs" anytime anyone attempted a foraging roll (Exploits, p. 18).
I feel like this exactly. I bought a copy of DFRPG for my nephews 12th birthday and Iím shipping it to him Monday.

I personally have one Saturday a month of free time with how busy semiconductor manufacturing is this year. That translates into buying a game i love for friends and relations, and wishing i had more time to *play* it.

I as for the subject somewhat at hand; i left dnd for GURPS to get away from Fantasy. Old West was one of my first, and ended up with much of the 3e line except Fantasy. I bought every historical book as soon as it was released after 1992, and ran genre-jumping games all through the years. I passed on 4e fantasy as well, until using some MERP modules in our Infinite Worlds campaign. I passed on DF GURPS from its inception, the simple rule set sounded nifty but i never tried or bought it.

When DFRPG kicked off, i wasnít excited about it as much as i was about it being an intro to GURPS. It was a crazy good deal to back the KickStarter since i didnít have any of the line yet. And Iíll tell you what, i have been so happy with my DFRPG. The books are fun to read, and I have played it with completely new table top gamers. I am liking DFRPG for itself and not as an intro to GURPS necessarily, enough so that i bought 3 hard copies of Ballistic-Dougís Hall of Judgement to gift to the aforementioned young relatives .

So keep up the good work and positivity, Kromm. Iím curious to see what we get post-Pyramid and am hopeful for the future. Itíll be easy to upgrade them from DFRPG to DF GURPS, and then i start teaching them the power of adventure creation and adapting things to DFRPG. If they start with their imaginations, it wonít matter so much that shiny things arenít added every month and they'll find ways to incorporate what *is* out there!
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