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Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
Signature Gear has been revised in some later books, so there are two versions of the advantage, one in the Basic Set and another that appears in some of the later files.

In the Basic Set version it basically gives you cash value to buy the equipment with, and you can buy multiple levels of it to get more cash value.

In later versions it has only one level for 1 point and provides plot protection for a single piece or set of equipment. You still have to acquire the equipment with cash, which you would do by either taking Wealth or by Trading Points for Cash.

I'd have to know which data files you're loading, because you are most likely loading a data file for one of the later books which revises Signature Gear.
Thanks for that explanation. I removed a couple data files I wasn't really needing and it works just the way the Basic Book says now. Thank you again!
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