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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
She was canonically right around seven years old (from the Wikipedia entry, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland took place on May 4 - maybe the Vorpal Sword is a lightsaber? - and she stated her age as seven-and-a-half in Through the Looking Glass, which took place November 4, putting her birthday close to when the first book took place). ST 8 (and DX and IQ 13) is pretty ridiculous for a 7-year-old, however, so your range is probably more appropriate.
In the process of dungeon-fantasifiying young Alice, I took into account that besides the incredibly exceptional degree of luck she would need to survive Dungeonland she would also need to be fantastically capable for her age.

From GURPS Characters:

Originally Posted by GURPS Characters, pg. 20
In many game worlds, especially those based on cartoons and fairytales, children are just small adults. By real-world standards, such children would be exceptional. However, even in a realistic campaign, those who wish to roleplay “heroic” children do not have to play less-capable characters – they can create their characters normally.
So I just ran with this logic. I also was generous with the guidelines for child stats.

Originally Posted by GURPS Characters, pg. 20
A 5-year-old has 60% of his adult ST, 70% of his adult DX and IQ, and SM -2. A 10-year-old has 80% of his adult ST, 90% of his adult DX and IQ, and SM -1.
She's about seven years old, so I rounded her to the higher age bracket. Even for her age she's often described as "clever", so IQ 13 is the minimum GURPS would attribute that description to. The only form of media with a depiction of a graceful Alice I can think of is from American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns. Well, that Alice is quite combat savvy, swinging the Vorpal Blade with such finesse and speed that might even make anime characters blush... I pin that adult Alice's DX at probably 15, so DX 13 is probably about right for young Alice. I don't mind drawing from multiple depictions of Alice for inspiration and not just from Lewis Carroll's original imagining of her.
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