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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I am going to suggest something that will probably be unpopular.

Maybe the problem is not that archers are uninteresting, but rather that players have internalized an uninteresting option as a core concept. RPGs, and especially computer games, have popularized the idea of someone who causes damage at a distance and whom the enemies can't reach.

I know cinematic games are all the rage nowadays, and the archer-in-a-melee conceit is highly cinematic. But consider that, realistically, archers are only for support; they're not the main action. Maybe players who want more to do should simply not be archers.
I think you solve the problem (players of archers feel left out in the cold in combat) but at the cost of causing another (telling players that can't play something they like to play, thus leaving then out in the cold).

Basically as a GM if my players have decided they are interested in playing something, I view it as kind of my job to make it interesting for them to play it.

All within reason of course

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