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Default Re: Beta testers wanted for Ogre video game

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
One of these days we will have self-modifying game AIs. Hmm. Unless we do already.

Difficulty level "just crawl under your desk" ?

And shortly after that, Skynet.
(Un)fortunately it's really hard to imitate people.

The current big successes in data mining cited in the press are high-value problems that combine expert analysis with mountains of data and man-centuries of specialized R&D. It's gone from sci-fi to unbelievably expensive. Worse, the machine learning techniques often make it really hard to figure out what the computers have decided to do. See Google's current dilemma in the EU around "Why did you choose to show this ad to that citizen." (Maybe they could build an AI to give satisfactory answers to the EU courts.)

The usual approach for the rest of us to be able to imitate some very smart people in their domain, with some parameters that a very limited feedback controls. I've used playbooks with great success in the past. Also, there was some hope of understanding what the machine was doing.

I know we asked how Auroch's AI worked, but they've been busy delivering the system. Depending on how they did it it could be either really easy or nearly impossible to take your help.
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