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Default Re: GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create a new Power set within GCA?

That's a rather complicated question to answer. First I will direct you to GURPS Powers page 7 for a full description on how to create a power in GURPS.

To create a power we need to start out by designating a Source and a Focus. The easiest way to do so in GCA is to start out by adding the advantage _New Parent Item and designate it's name as the Source (and Focus) for your Power. To sort a power to the top of the advantage listing when printed place an _underscore at the beginning of the name. e.g. for a Psychokinesis power you may wish to name it:
_Psionic (Psychokinesis)

Next, apply all modifiers to the newly created _New Parent Item which you wish to apply to all of the abilities within the Power. The most important modifiers for Powers are contained within the Modifier groups _Power Modifiers and _Psionic Power Modifiers which you can access from the drop down menu at the top of the Modifiers window.

Once you've added all of the modifiers to the Parent Item you may then right click on the newly created Parent Item and select Copy Modifiers *TO* Buffer then right click on an ability within your Power and select Copy Modifiers *FROM* Buffer to apply those modifiers to individual advantages. You may select multiple advantages to target by holding down the CTRL key as you click on them.

Next you will want to group all of your Powers abilities together under the Parent Item (a Parent item is a "container" under which you can file other abilities within GCA). To do this select all of your powers advantages by holding down CTRL and clicking on them, right click on them and select Make Child Of... selecting your Power advantage as the Parent.

Last you will want to take an appropriate Power Talent from the advantage category Talent - Powers, or create a new one by adding the advantage _New Power Talent. Once added you may apply modifiers to any Power Talent which allow you to specify which skills and advantages will receive a skill bonus from that talent.

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