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Default Re: GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does GCA crash with an Error 6: Overflow whenever I use _New Racial Template or _New Meta-Trait?

Unfortunately this is a known issue which cannot be fixed, but does have an easy workaround: Load fewer data files when using _New Racial Template or _New Meta-Trait.

The error is caused when some of the trait lists used in these template builders get too long for GCA to handle; the trait lists get too long when too many data files are loaded. To make sure that these list don't grow to be too long you need to load fewer data files when using them. On an existing character you will also need to Resynchronize the Groups after loading the new Data Set and before using the _New Racial Template.

Alternatively you can create a new Racial Template or Meta-Trait by creating a new character and adding all of the traits you'd like, then going to File -> Save As -> Template within Data File (the last bit is found under the Save as Type drop down below the file name). You can thus save the character as if it were a Racial Template/Meta-Trait into a data file then add that data file to your data set, at which point the new template you created will be available in the Templates tab.

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