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Default Re: Survival horror-after the end; encumbrance HR

Originally Posted by Devil_Dante View Post
2) house rules of encumbrance: recording weight of items need too many times and work. Isn't very fun and players wouldn't do it. So, I'm planning a slot based encumbrance system.
This is a potentially very useful way to keep track of encumbrance on the character sheet.

You might also consider assigning "slots" to various parts of the body to show equipment locations as well as weight. Let each "square" or slot represent 1 lb/1 kg and put a few squares next to each body part.

Assume that most equipment will be carried in bags or packs which can be represented by a "grid" numbered 1, 2, 3 . . etc. With a separate inventory sheet for equipment stats.


xx Head

xx R. Arm L. Arm xx
xx R. Hand R. Hand xx

xxxxxxxxx Chest/Back + Backpack
xxxxxxxxx Abdomen/Waist + Belt-Mounted or Shoulder Bags.

xx R. Leg L. Leg xx
xx R. Foot R. Foot xx
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