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Default Re: A flurry of questions about martial artists

Originally Posted by tbone View Post
Similarly, when the MA is in town and isn't paying for rations, there's no extra cost for MA needs because... well, I guess we can assume the MA's needs get subsumed into the cost of weekly town cost of living (probably due to the money she doesn't spend in town while balancing on her head for three hours every morning).
I think your dietary needs being subsumed by your normal lifestyle expenses in town makes a lot of sense. It stands to reason that an aesthetic monk would spend less money in their ordinary life than someone that drinks, or gets a more comfortable room in the inn or springs for new socks or boots while the Martial Artist walks around barefoot.

But the preserved foods when traveling become expensive if you must abstain from unclean meats, or if you're not allowed to eat foods that are salted or preserved in fat or foods that are pickled. With preserved foods just having one or two restrictions can make the limited options you have very expensive.
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