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Default Re: A flurry of questions about martial artists

Originally Posted by talonthehand View Post
It might be a case where it's not exotic food, but having to be prepared in a particular way (think kosher or halal) - it would explain why there's a doubling in the cost regardless of the ingredients. Whether you have a rat sandwich or dwarven quiche, making it under the dawn of the fourth sun (or whatever) might warrant the chef to double the price.
Yeah, I was sort of suggesting something like that in my post immediately above, but you said it more clearly. Sounds good to me! (And the way you put it, I think the mechanism could be put to use for future cultures or races with special dietary preferences.)

In the end: The "double rations cost" rule strikes me as quirky, but more interesting than a flat cost increase. It sounds more fun (to the extent that a minor cost-of-living adjustment can be fun in a game : ). I'll pay that double cost and get on with the adventuring.
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