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Default Re: Alternate Versions of Inifinite Worlds

Originally Posted by thrash View Post
Personal quirk. I'm not fond of forward/backward time travel campaigns -- too messy -- and can't bring myself to use echos instead.
Given one take on evolved dinosaurs I saw*, I'd rather skip any logical evolution.

Also I may not be thinking of these alternate IWs as strictly as you are.
Originally Posted by thrash View Post
I'm good, but if that changed I'd go with remnants of a high (~TL11) biotech culture discovered by pre-scientific natives. One temple built around a chrysalis machine with a lonely and indulgent AI doctor, and it's catgirls and wolfboys for everyone. ("We are the Jaguar Clan! Please make us...")
Is this an alternate history, or an Earth far into the future? (I have to ask after your previous statement.)

*The New Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon, 1988.
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