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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

Originally Posted by Nereidalbel View Post
Natural rubber has been in use since prehistoric times. In a setting where alchemy is actually a thing, somebody would have tried adding sulfur and heat along the way, and you should have vulcanization available. If it counts as a Trade Secret, adjust the price as necessary.
That's true. But natural rubber, while it exists in the setting, exists nowhere closer than some 6,000 nautical miles over monster-infested, mostly uncharted oceans. There is actually a possibility of alchemists buying some from better known places, as there is a 15,000 mile torturous trading route in existence to places where rubber grows, but as of now, the PCs have no knowledge of rubber or specific interest in it.

When they do, it will probably be for mechanical artillery. Padding will have to be made from something locally available for the time being. The climate locally is Mediterranean Levantine, more or less.
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