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Default Potential Discussion Thread for pup67vargr's 1st GURPS Traveller Venture Here

Ok, I found them. Hmmm, ok, so let's make this the discussion thread for a possible pup67vargr-run Traveller venture, shall we? Those interested please post here, with any ideas you may have for the sort of game that you're looking for. I'm open to just about anything from an asteroid mining all-work-and-no-play-game (fun, fun!), to a ship-fulla-spies espionage-type game, to a "let's-steal-a-ship-and-be-pirates" game, to an "interstellar wars" jump-drive shoot'em-up game, to a basic free trader, "sell-my-cargo-to-keep-one-step-ahead-of-the-repo-bots" game, to whatever kind of game YOU would like to see! Let me know something, please?

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