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Default Instructions for printing MegaHex digital asset

I've been trying to get my digital megahexes to print at 1.5"/hex (or whatever the playmat scale is) and they don't seem to be setup for printing with US Letter, no margins, no header/footer, scale=100%. I looked around on the store pages for the megahexes and in my pdf, but found no instructions on how to print these. Did I misunderstand the purpose of the megahex pdfs? Are these meant to be printed and if so, where can I find instructions? If not, what is their intended use? Thank you.

UPDATE: I imported one of the megahex pdf pages into inkscape and it looks like it wants a 10"x12" area for 1:1 scale printing. I'll test this out and report back.

Final UPDATE: It's going to depend on what page you're printing, but for the full page megahexes it's 10"x12". The 14 hex dragon is 10"x5". Inkscape and GIMP (and probably other apps) will show the desired document size. I had my units set to pixels and so it wasn't clear to me until I changed units to inches what the page size was supposed to be.

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