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Our IQ 20 Spells:

Expert Transmogrify (T): Changes the physical shape of a living being of ST greater than 20. If the living being is willing to be transformed, then no saving throw is required. The living being can be transformed into a creature of similar size. That doesnít necessarily mean that the creature usually grows into that size. For example, a wolf could be changed into a house cat, but the house cat will be the size of a wolf--- it will have the ST and DX of a huge house cat. The IQ of the changed being is unchanged, but the ST and DX are of the new creature and any physical protections (for skin, scales, etc.) will be for the new creature. If the living being to be transformed is unwilling, then the victim gets an 8 Die saving roll versus ST plus DX (using ORIGINAL creatures ST and DX). This spell is permanent until removed by Remove Thrown Spell or until the victim makes a saving roll (can try once per day but using the NEW creature typeís ST and DX) or until the subject of the spell is killed or until the casting Wizard wills the spell away. The subject of this spell may no longer be able to use talents or spells if the new physical shape is not conducive to their use. Cost 20 ST and the Transmogrify Spell and Advanced Transmogrify Spell are both prerequisites.

Expert Transmute (T): Changes the chemical make-up (so wood into steel, lead into gold, etc.) of an object at a rate of 1 pound (or less) in size per 20 ST used to cast. This spell is permanent unless removed by Remove Thrown Spell, the casting wizard wills the spell away, or the GM rolls a critical failure (see below). No effect on living creatures. A wizard who knows this spell also knows both the Transmute and Advanced Transmute spells for free. This spell is incredibly tricky to cast well. An Alchemist will get a 4 die versus IQ to see what the original material was, a Master Alchemist will roll only 3 dice. Alchemists absolutely will not use a transmuted item in potions because there is a chance that over time the spell will break down. The GM should test for the spellís resilience over time. The GM rolls weekly (3 dice versus the casting wizardís IQ--- and only a critical failure at 18 means the spell is breaking down). Use of this spell without warning others can be dangerous. For example, if the wizard changes his coppers into gold using this spell, on a critical failure of the GMís weekly roll some or all of the coppers will start to transform back. Anyone the wizard has paid with this fake gold is highly unlikely to be happy with the wizard and legal trouble (or worse) could result. Since the GM does the rolls, it is very possible that the wizard wouldnít know of the problem until getting very unhappy visitors at his or her door.
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