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Our IQ 19 Spells:

Expert Beguile (T): Exactly like Advanced Beguile except the duration of this spell is variable. For every 5ST the wizard uses to cast, the spell will last for 30 minutes. The victim of the spell gets a fresh saving throw verses IQ (as detailed in the Beguile spell) every ten minutes. Any wizard who knows this spell knows the Beguile and Advanced Beguile spells for free. There are rumors of a Master Beguile spell that is permanent if the casting wizard is powerful enough. If such a spell exists, it is not a part of any known grimoire in existence. Perhaps that is just as well.

Expert Shrink/Grow Creature (T): This works on a single living creature. The characteristics of the creature stays the same, but the creature shrinks or grows by 10% for every 10 ST used to cast for creatures with a basic ST of less than 20 or 10% for every 15 ST used to cast for creatures with a basic ST of 20 or greater. The mass and volume of the creature will increase or decrease as the dimensions increase or decrease. The IQ for the creature will not change, but the other attributes of the creature may or may not change with a large change in size (GM discretion). Also, if the creature is unwilling it gets a 4 Dice versus IQ saving throw to try to avoid being shrunk or grown. Even if the spell works there could be a violent reaction to this spell or the creature could panic and run (especially if it is a generally timid or stupid creature and if the size change is significant enough). This spell is permanent unless the wizard wills it off or unless the spell is removed with Remove Thrown Spell. Additionally, the creature gets a new 4 D versus IQ saving throw once per day. Any wizard who knows this spell also knows the Shrink/Grow Creature and the Advanced Shrink/Grow Creature spells for free.

Expert Thievesí Bane (T): Immunity to Drop and to Break Weapon for everything carried, worn, or touched for every being in up to 7 connected hexes. Nothing can be taken by force and nothing can be accidentally dropped. While this spell is in effect, a roll of 17 or 18 will not cause you to drop or break your weapon. Cost 2 ST plus 1 per turn while it is maintained for 1 hex, Cost 3 ST plus 1 per turn while it is maintained for 2 or 3 or 4 connected hexes, Cost 4 ST plus 1 per turn for 5 or 6 or 7 connected hexes. Once the spell is cast, subjects need not remain in the original connected hexes in order for the wizard to maintain the spell.

Preservation (T): Will stop dead, organic matter from decaying indefinitely. Used mostly on zombies and friendsí bodies. Cost 15 ST
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