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Our IQ 18 Spells:

Expert Mage Sight (T): A more advanced version of Advanced Mage Sight and any wizard who knows this spell knows Advanced Mage Sight and Mage Sight for free. This spell works like Advanced Mage Sight, but it extends the depth that the subject’s sight can penetrate solid substances. The subject can now see through any substance except lead that is one HX or less deep. The wizard decides how deeply he or she wishes to look (so a wizard could choose to only see through a foot of rock to see what is embedded inside or he could choose to see through a section of ground an entire HX in depth). This spell effectively makes something transparent for the subject, however whatever the subject is trying to see through has to be no further away than 1 HX. So a wizard using this spell couldn’t sit on a hill and look through the foot-thick walls of a tower, but that same wizard COULD stand right next to the wall and have his vision penetrate the wall and then he could see as far into the tower as his normal vision would show (just as if that section of the tower’s wall was transparent). Cost: 4 ST for 12 turns, plus 2 per minute to continue.

Expert Shrink/Grow Object (T): This works on a 1 HX object. The characteristics of the object stay the same, but the object shrinks or grows by 10% for every 10 ST used to cast. This spell is permanent unless the wizard wills it off or unless the spell is removed with Remove Thrown Spell. It can only work on a single object at a time, so it would not work to pile several small items into one hex and cast only one spell to shrink or grow them all. The tensile strength of certain items may be compromised if it is grown to exaggeratedly huge proportions (GM’s discretion). The mass and volume of the item will increase or decrease as the dimensions increase or decrease. Any wizard who knows this spell also knows the Shrink/Grow Object and Advanced Shrink/Grow Object spells for free. You COULD use this spell to take a gold piece and stretch it to 100 times its original size. If you do that, the ST cost would be astronomically huge. Just as an example, suppose you had an item that was 10 feet long. 10 ST would increase this by 10% (or one foot) so it would be 11 feet long. If you spent 50 ST, it would increase the length by 5 times 10% or 50%, so it would increase it by 5 feet, so now the item is 15 feet long. So, the one gold piece, in order to double it in size would cost you 100 ST (to increase the size 10 times 10%-- or 100%, which would double the size). So 100 ST would turn your one gold piece into a gold piece that is twice as large.

Rot/ Rejuvenate (T): Subject of the rot spell will begin to decompose rapidly, losing 1 ST and 1 DX every turn during the spell’s duration. Because of the horrifying nature of this spell, a saving throw of 3 D6 vs. IQ is required by the subject in order to move or take an action, for the first turn. Every turn after that, the roll is increased by one die. Rejuvenate simply reverses the process. A character who knows this spell need not make saving rolls. The effects of the Rot spell can only be reversed by the Rejuvenate spell. Normal rest, healing spells or potions have no effect but the Rot Spell can be stopped by Remove Thrown Spell. A character who is even partially rotted will have a negative reaction modifier (GM’s choice) from others. Others will often mistake him for a zombie or leper. The ST loss in terms of hit points are counted like fatigue (except that rest will not return the points), so this can make a victim pass out but cannot kill him. Costs 3 ST + 1 ST per turn. *C*
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