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Our IQ 17 Spells:

7-HEX Chrysalis (C): Exactly like Chrysalis except the cocoon is now on any seven connected hexes. Anyone who knows this spell also knows Chrysalis and 3-HEX Chrysalis without additional IQ or XP cost. *C*

Advanced Transmogrify (T): Changes the physical shape of a living being that is ST 20 or less. If the living being is willing to be transformed, then no saving throw is required. The living being can be transformed into a creature of similar size. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the creature usually grows into that size. For example, a wolf could be changed into a house cat, but the house cat will be the size of a wolf--- it will have the ST and DX of a huge house cat. The IQ of the changed being is unchanged, but the ST and DX are of the new creature and any physical protections (for skin, scales, etc.) will be for the new creature. If the living being to be transformed is unwilling, then the victim gets an 8 Die saving roll versus ST plus DX (using ORIGINAL creatures ST and DX). This spell is permanent until removed by Remove Thrown Spell or until the victim makes a saving roll (can try once per day but using the NEW creature type’s ST and DX) or until the subject of the spell is killed or until the casting Wizard wills the spell away. The subject of this spell may no longer be able to use talents or spells if the new physical shape is not conducive to their use. Cost 15 ST and the Transmogrify Spell is a prerequisite.

Advanced Transmute (T): Same as Transmute but the effect lasts for an entire day. This would basically make anyone you duped with it take longer to discover the trickery. Cost 4 ST per 1 pound transmuted. A wizard who knows this spell also knows the Transmute spell for free.

Expert Control Plant (T): This is like Control Plant, but works on all the plants of ANY TYPE that are in three connected hexes. Used this way, Expert Control Plant WILL work on plants of mixed types that fill 3 connected hexes. Expert Control Plant can also be used to control all plants OF THE SAME TYPE in 7 connected hexes. The cost is variable. To use Expert Control Plant to control 3 Hexes of plants, the cost is 3ST plus 2 per turn maintained. To use Expert Control Plant to control a single type of plant in 7 connected hexes, it costs 5 ST, plus 2 per turn maintained. Any wizard who knows this spell knows the Control Plant and Advanced Control Plant spells for free.

Expert Healing (T) :For each 3 points of ST that the wizard puts into this spell, he/she can cure one hit of damage on himself or another. Heal will also restore lost fatigue from spellcasting, etc., but rarely is it practical to use it this way. Heal will cure HT already lost to disease and poison, but it will not cure the disease nor make the poison go away. It is possible to place healing magic into an artifact (Healing Stones), but such things are rare and costly and work no better than a mage with the Healing Spell and a Strength Battery or a corps of apprentices. Healing scrolls, on the other hand, are common. As with other scrolls, the magic comes from the scroll and the strength comes from the caster. *C*
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