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Our IQ 16 Spells:

Advanced Beguile (T): Exactly like Beguile, except for ST cost, duration, and now the wizard can designate a target for the victim’s affections other than the wizard him or herself. The target the victim is being Beguiled to love must be within line of sight of the victim. If the victim of the spell is an enemy or if the victim is of a very different species (a human and a dragon, for example) than the one he is being Beguiled into loving, then they get a saving roll of 3 Dice versus IQ. If the victim is of the same or similar species (so dwarfs, elves, humans, halflings--- races who are actually close enough that breeding would be possible) then the saving roll is 4 Dice versus IQ. Cost 4 ST and lasts for 10 minutes, cannot be renewed but can be recast. This spell will not force the victim to be controlled, but he or she will do whatever he might do if asked by a deeply loved person and he is very unlikely to try to directly damage his beloved. Control Person would give the wizard direct control and this spell will not, but the duration of this spell is minutes and not turns, so the strategic use of this spell is different from Control Person. Since the victim CAN refuse the beloved one’s requests, asking for something outrageous (e.g. “Kill your friends and join me!”) will not trigger a fresh saving throw, but the GM decides how likely the victim will be to do whatever is being requested by his beloved. Any wizard who knows this spell knows the Beguile spell for free.

Advanced Shrink/Grow Creature (T): This works on a single living creature of less than ST 20. The characteristics of the creature stays the same, but the creature shrinks or grows by 10% for every 3 ST used to cast. This spell lasts for 1 day. The mass and volume of the creature will increase or decrease as the dimensions increase or decrease. The IQ for the creature will not change, but the other attributes of the creature may or may not change with a large change in size (GM discretion). Also, if the creature is unwilling it gets a 4 Dice versus IQ saving throw to try to avoid being shrunk or grown. Even if the spell works there could be a violent reaction to this spell or the creature could panic and run (especially if it is a generally timid or stupid creature and if the size change is significant enough). Any wizard who knows this spell also knows the Shrink/Grow Creature spell for free.
Advanced Telekinesis (T): This spell might be thought of as long-distance Telekinesis. Like Telekinesis, this spell allows a wizard to move an object with his or her mind. Unlike Telekinesis, the wizard does not have to be able to see the object. The wizard must have seen the object to be moved with his own eyes AND must have seen it in its exact current location. If the object to be moved is inside a building there must be a clear way through (this spell won’t defeat locked doors, but if there is a glass window and the object is something that would break glass then it will crash through). The way to the wizard can be circuitous, but as long as there is a way the object will zip through to come to the wizard’s hand. The flying object is clearly visible to anyone around, so if a wizard decides to steal something using this spell it is very risky business. If someone tries to grab the object and stop its escape the person doing the grabbing should roll 3D6 versus his adjDX and on a successful roll he grabs it, however he then must roll 3D6 versus his basic ST to see if he stops the object or if he is pulled right along with it to the wizard. This spell costs 5 ST per turn and it may well take several turns for an object to come to the wizard if it is very far away (the GM should assume that the flight of the object to the wizard is very rapid, but not instantaneous, and should decide on number of turns accordingly. Any wizard who knows Advanced Telekinesis knows the Telekinesis spell for free.

Advanced Thieves’ Bane (T): Immunity to Drop and to Break Weapon for everything carried, worn, or touched for every being in up to 4 connected hexes. Nothing can be taken by force and nothing can be accidentally dropped or broken. While this spell is in effect, a roll of 17 or 18 will not cause you to drop or break your weapon or any other item you are holding. Cost 2 ST plus 1 per turn while it is maintained for one hex, Cost 3 ST plus 1 per turn maintained for 2 or 3 or 4 hexes. Once the spell is cast, subjects need not remain in the original connected hexes in order for the wizard to maintain the spell.

Expert Ward (S): The biggest difference in this spell and the lower versions of it is the requirement that the casting wizard must stay in proximity to the ward for it to work is removed. This spell could be rightly thought of as “long distance ward” because this is the sort of spell a wizard would use to protect property where he or she lives even when the wizard is off adventuring in another part of the world. The duration of the spell is also increased. This is a protective spell. By setting Ward on a doorway, or just an area of floor, a wizard can “booby-trap” it psychically. Anything that comes through the warded doorway or area of floor (up to 3 connected megahexes) will be known to the casting wizard, even if he is asleep, busy, or facing another way. He will also know if the intruder has hostile intentions. Any number of Ward spells may be cast. Lasts 2 weeks. Cost: 2 ST. Some version of the ward spell must be cast once over each of the five wards of the magic items called Wards in order to energize them. If this spell is used (as opposed one of the lesser strength versions of the spell) the size of the protected area will be one texahex instead of one megahex.
Megahex Second Death (T): Like Second Death but affects every figure in one megahex. Cost 4 ST

Holy Symbol of Power (S): ONLY a Theologian may know this spell. A Theologian who knows this spell may inscribe an object with his or her holy symbol giving it divine (magical) powers. He or she can choose to have it do ONE of the following:
1. On a weapon, make it plus 2 to hit OR plus 2 damage
2. On armor, make it stop 2 extra hits OR reduce DX penalty by 2 (cannot raise DX above standard).
3. On a gem, have it function as a 2 PT ST battery
4. On an amulet, allow character to cast any two Cleric spells that he does not know (regular ST cost for casting and IQ requirements for spell still apply)
A Theologian may not have both a Holy Symbol and a Holy Symbol of Power. Knowing the Holy Symbol of Power spell means that the character also knows the Holy Symbol spell at no IQ cost. Theologians may not have more than one Holy Symbol of Power at a time, but Wizardly Theologians MAY have a Holy Symbol of Power and a Staff (any level). Holy Symbols of Power take 4 weeks to make at a cost of 10 ST per day but this is not done during an adventure except to replace a broken item. Any theologian with this spell will be assumed to have a Holy Symbol of Power at the start of the adventure but he or she MUST declare which of the ways he or she is using it.
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