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The rest of our IQ 15 Spells

Summon Demon Familiar Spell (S): This familiar is a minor demon that takes solid animal form. Usually small, such as a cat, rat or something similar. The familiar will take any form the wizard wishes. Once set, this form is permanent unless the spell is recast.

The familiar will always serve the will of the wizard. It will not attempt to trick or harm the wizard in anyway.


ST battery

The familiar serves as a living, 10 pt strength battery. The wizard may draw ST from the familiar as long as they are in the same megahex. The familiar regains fatigue at the same rate as any wizard. If the familiar is ever drained completely of ST, it disappears for 24 hours. It will be fully charged when it reappears.


The familiar can become insubstantial for 12 turns. It will then disappear for 24 hours.

Demon form

Upon command, the familiar will take its true form, that of a minor demon. It will fight or perform any other task it is commanded to for 12 turns. It will then disappear for seven days.

Minor demon:

ST 20
DX 13
1Q 18

Battle axe 3D6
Will not use magic
Cannot be killed. If ST is reduced to 0, it will disappear for seven days.

The Blood Price:

In addition to the ST cost to cast this spell, the casting wizard must pay the blood price to seal the pact with the minor demon.

The blood price is the act of sacrificing a part of the wizardís own body. Usually it is an eye, hand, foot or the tongue. This sacrifice must carry a permanent penalty of some kind or it is not acceptable.


Eye = -2DX with missile & thrown weapons or spells
Hand = -3 DX for any action requiring two hands. Some actions may be impossible.
Foot = MA is halved
Tongue = Cannot speak

These penalties apply even if a prosthetic device is worn.

If the sacrifice is ever reversed by magic, the blood price is nullified and the familiar will assume its demon form and attack the wizard. This applies to a magical regeneration of the part, or a magical prosthesis that functions like an original part. It does not apply to a general magic item that reduces the effect of the sacrifice. For instance, wearing a pair of boots with a speed spell on them would not negate the sacrifice of a foot as blood price. Cost ST 10 + blood price for initial cast.

Summon Spirit (C): Calls an insubstantial being to do the casterís bidding for 12 turns. The spirit can only be seen with Mage Sight, but a Detect Life spell will reveal its presence. Cost 4 ST

Undead Hoard (T): Like the Animate Corpse spell, but works on up to 7 bodies. DX adjustment is figured as though wizard was casting at the farthest body. Lasts 12 turns. Cost 5 ST
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