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Default Re: [ooc] the great black hills gold rush

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
Excellent! I'm excited about the game!

My character concept, as mentioned in the other thread, is a demolitions expert. From the time he first saw a firework as a young boy, Jebediah has been obsessed with explosions. He has found work with whoever will pay him to blow things up...his chief employment to this point has been with the military and for miners and prospectors.

A couple of questions about allowed advantages (feel free to say 'no', I won't take offense):
As Enhanced Dodge is allowed, would you allow the Enhanced Dodge (Dive for Cover) from GURPS Action (p.18)? It's 5 points per level, and only gives the dodge bonus when you dive for cover to escape an explosion. As it is rather limited when compared to normal Enhanced Dodge, could I buy three levels (assuming it's allowed at all)?

Are Gizmos allowed?
Would you allow Consumable Signature Gear (GURPS Super, p.81)? That way I could ensure a steady supply of the consumables (dynamite and blasting caps) that I'm likely to go through.

Finally, what would be a suitable Survival specialty for the area we are in? Mountain?

I'd already done a rough draft of the character on 150 points, so pending the answers to those questions I should have it ready fairly quickly.
This concept is giving me mild unease lol only because a lot of the action will be in a very crowded mining camp. Chucking dynamite around will make you very unpopular very fast lol.
your requests:-
explosive dodge seems ok to me (even though i do not have action lol)
gizmos are allowed
consumable signature gear i am afraid not.
survival skill is mountains

dynamite was up untill a few years before the start date Illegal in the US and lead to an entirely new smuggling industry. Your PC would be a perfect candidate for a ex smuggler who lost his lively hood when it was legalised. Add a point or two in enginering (mining) and you have a job waiting for you at the camp lol.
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