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Default Re: Fantastic Dungeon Grappling & Technical Grappling

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Probably enemies with carapace or solid armor would reduce this damage though, so it compares unfavorably to the neck for armored opponents.
I wouldn't treat this any different than injuring the foe - so DR would only protect if you were Homogeneous. Don't see the need for any extra complexity or detail here.

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Anyway, how does grappling with the torso work with stuff like "Number of Limbs"? If a snake-person grapples with both arms and tail, is that 3 limbs? If I wanted a snake tail to count for more would I buy that as some sort of limited version of Extra Arm?
I could see treating a Constriction Attack as two limbs even. Especially if you're coming from the GURPS angle where Constriction Attack loses some of its worth because anyone can spend CP for damage and Constriction Attack only lets you strangle without grabbing the neck.

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
How about leg grapples? Let's say we have a giant spider that wants to pin an opponent. It has 8 legs and a mouth, but no fine manipulators/arms.
Animals that grapple get afforded a two-handed grapple despite not having arms. So honestly unless a limb were designed for grappling I wouldn't afford any bonus from it. And spider legs don't sound that way.

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Btw. when using the optional "Knowing Your Own Strength", what thresholds would you suggest for Lifting ST when using Grab and Go etc.? KYOS-Lifting ST scales up dramatically faster, so a straight multiple seems overkill. Each 10x ST multiplies Lift by 10 after all...

+3 ST is already 100% increase in lifting ST.

I guess the easy, if a bit 'game-y', solution is to just double the relative levels of ST for everything (since KYOS Lifting ST costs 7/level under KYOS instead of 3/level).

Though if so I still feel like something like Grab & Go would be better based on basic lift. Maybe instead of doing percentages we could just say +3 ST (rounded to +4 if doubling relative levels...) lets you make a full move. -2 ST means you can only take a step.
I think I'd really lean into KYOS' "twice as strong" comparisons, so a grab and go would let you move for your full move if your ST were by 3 or more greater, half move for 0-2, and a step if your victim had up to 3 more ST than you.
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