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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

Originally Posted by Rasna View Post
According to rules, layering armour over Padded Cloth (DR 1*) would give -1 to DX. However, the combination of metallic armour over thick padding (not so thick to work properly as standalone armour, but in any case thicker of the DR 0* padding which is included in armour stats) was so common in certain periods and regions (ex. XIII to XVI century Europe)
Arming doublets, purpoints, and aketons were no thicker or heavier than regular clothing. They were designed to stop chafing and improve the fit of the armour, not to provide extra protection. Low-Tech armour stats assume that normal clothing underneath has been replaced with an appropriate arming garment, or that the armour has its own integrated padded liner (which was a lot more common than many assume).

Wearing a layer of any kind of armour that isn't of Cheap Quality over a single layer of Padded Cloth shouldn't give any DX penalty.
Any armour worn over what Low-Tech defines as "Padded Cloth" definitely requires a DX penalty.
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