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Default Re: Spears for throwing

Ahh, then I understand what you mean.

I don't agree with you, but I do understand your thinking. As far as I can tell the spear-thrower can be used as a club, and hence weapon expertise probably won't count in melee. And when it comes to the thrown attack I think it is pretty clear that it improves the spear or javelin damage and it is a help, like a cranequin for a crossbow. Nowhere does it say the spearthrower is a missile weapon that uses javelins and spears as ammo. It even states that it can be reused, not reloaded.

And historically speaking, many "spearthrowers" were just a cord fastened at the back end of the spear in order to increase power and sometimes to give the spear a rotation. But even an atlatl is a help and not a different weapon system.

But that is my interpretation and I wouldn't go so far as to say it is RAW, but neither is your interpretation Henry.
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