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Default Cybernetic costs and modifiers both 3e & 34e

A post was made in another thread, where they didn't like cybernetics from 3e as compared against say, 4e. This thread is intended to compare the two side by side, and get a discussion going as to what builds seem better than other builds (ie take the best of the best from BOTH systems rather than rely upon only one or the other).

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
The 3e rules had ridiculously deep discounts for not having cosmetically invisible implants or prosthetics (and IIRC no specific mechanical consequences for it). I recall it being fairly broken.
Ridiculously deep discounts might be a reasonable objection to make when you consider when GURPS CYBERPUNK (now GURPS CLASSIC CYBERPUNK) was originally published. The rules for computers had not been made as solid as they would become in GURPS VEHICLES 2nd edition, GURPS ROBOTS, or even GURPS ULTRATECH 1st edition (all GURPS CLASSIC titles by today's standards).

Yet despite this, I think that the cybernetics rules in GURPS 4e NEED fine tuning to make them of more use for GM's who do NOT like what they see in the current GURPS ULTRATECH edition.

So, to that end? Let's start the process and work our way down the list and say why we like or dislike the pricing, and see where it takes us.
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