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Default Re: Rule question - Gambeson of Gambling

From the Abilities Section of the rules:

II.A.1. Abilities - Either player may activate abilities during any player's turn after the unzap step is complete. Abilities may not be activated prior to the active player's unzap step or during any cooldown phase, though some may trigger automatically.
II.A.1.a. Resolving Abilities - Interrupt abilities can be played even if another ability has been paid for and is in the process of resolving. If this happens, the Interrupt ability resolves first. Interrupts can be played on other Interrupt abilities, in which case the most recently played Interrupt resolves first, followed by the next, and so on.
II.A.1.a. Resolving Abilities - An ability is resolved when its effect has been completed to the fullest extent possible. If an ability cannot resolve completely, any unresolved portion of that ability has no effect.
So, with those in mind, you should be able to use the Gambeson's ability on it's own, or to interrupt another ability. You would Zap the Gambeson and roll the die. If the interrupted ability was not causing you damage, then nothing would happen on a 2-6 of the die roll, because there would be no damage to prevent.

I assume you are not trying to find creative ways to damage yourself, so to anticipate the follow-up question, yes, this die roll can trigger the effects of cards like High Roller, Lucky Giant's Toe, and Liar's Dice.
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