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Two things to note

1) IRL, grenades are lethal, but they're not a tool of total genocide. GURPS in that sense repeats that. Grenades are used for their shrapnel, to displace the enemy from cover and to stun them.

GURPS fully develops that in High Tech 181

- Grenade explosion in enclosed space deals x2 damage, x1.5 if there are windows and doors to 'blow out'.
- Grenades force HT roll if the target received ANY damage that bypassed DR. On failure, the victim is stunned AND suffers penalty to hearing equal to his Margin of Failure for 20-HT seconds. Critical failure is either Deafness or Hard of Hearing
- Grenades force HT roll if the target was looking at the explosion AND the damage was rolled against it (you dont need to actually suffer any damage). On failure, victim is stunned AND suffers vision penalty equal to margin of failure. Critical failure is blindness

The workflow for the grenade is such:

1. Pull the grenade out with a ready action. This can be skipped with Fast-Draw (Grenade).
2. Remove the ring with a ready action.
3. Release the spoon with a free action - fuse activates
4. Throw the grenade after waiting 2-3 rounds
5. It explodes on your turn, timer-rounds away from releasing of the spoon.

All grenades travel towards their target under 1 second, but GM may rule that they scatter as needed on further turns.

2) IRL and in GURPS, grenades are not used like in Call of Duty, they're a tactical tool that must be deployed smartly.

On attack, especially attack on a room full of hostiles, one of the PCs readies a grenade instead of his weapon, pulls the pin out (Ready action). 1-2 rounds before the attack, PC releases the spoon to activate the timer (Free action), and throws the grenade when the fuse is 1-2 seconds before explosion.

Grenade's explosion marks the start of the engagement vs disoriented, damaged and maybe blind/deaf/stunned enemy.

On defense, the grenade is just thrown to force the enemy to cancel the attack and seek shelter. Alternatively, if defensive side has barricades to shield behind, they use them to directly kill/stun enemy forces, counting the fuse down as appropriate. Remember, you can still fire your gun as the fuse counts down, with appropriate penalties for off-hand and/or one-handed use. You can hold the grenade in off-hand as it ticks down, and throw it!

3) Because of aforementioned concepts, using grenades is a High IQ play. I personally saw grenades used thrice in my GURPS career, one of them was me in the form of an NPC, and one in form of a PC.

1. An NPC threw an impact fuse grenade at the PC. PC hurried to catch it, and they did - blowing their hand off. That was the end of the engagement for the PC.

2. A group of soldiers were assaulting PC positions. 4-man team. While 3 of the team were putting rounds towards the PCs, the fourth spent a few turns preparing the grenade.

When his turn came, he leaned from behind his comrades and tossed the grenade under the feet of PCs.

The PCs hurried to pick the grenade up, and it promptly exploded in the hand of one of them, tearing it off, sending shrapnel into everyone.

PCs lost that encounter.

3. We were fighting a boss-type character in heavy armor. While the rest of my team were shooting at the lad with their guns, I kneeled behind cover and prepared a grenade, tossing it when fuse ran out.

His armor had high DR vs pi and cut, but not crushing damage, so explosion right under his feet ended the fight.

Make of that what you will.
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