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Default Cheat card regarding Hand requirement

I've read the other Cheat threads and not sure if they answer my question. Here is the scenario:

My (11-year old) daughter's Munchkin was carrying two 1-hand weapons. She then played "Two-Handed" on one of the weapons with a Cheat card. Therefore, the extra hand that she would need to carry a 1-hand weapon and the now-modified 2-hand weapon has been "Cheat-ed". Is this correct?

Now play an Amulet of Dexterity to gain another hand, and a Munchkin could be playing two 1-hand weapons and the one, cheated 2-hand weapon!

Or does the Cheat card played on the modified 2-hand weapon eliminate the need to use any hand slots to wield it? If this is the case, with an Amulet of Dexterity, a Munchkin could wield three 1-hand weapons and the cheated 2-hand weapon!

In case you were wondering, my 11-year old kicked my butt! It was a pity she was sent to bed without supper that night! (Easy there, Child Protective Services, just kidding!)
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