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IIRC there were also other substances that could be used to store hydrogen is much higher density than liquid hydrogen has .
This is not really true - in an ordinary liquid or solid most of the volume is occupied by atoms, and atoms of an element generally have the same volume regardless of the environment. Since adding anything else in with the hydrogen to form other molecules introduces atoms of other stuff, that will themselves need some volume, this will almost always results in *fewer* actual hydrogen atoms per cubic meter. There's a bit of leeway, but no compound is going to double the amount of hydrogen per liter, let alone do better. I believe the best one is hydrazine (N2H4), which gets you 1.79 times as much hydrogen per liter as cryogenic liquid hydrogen. Of course it's quite toxic and spontaneously explosive.....

The real kicker is metallic hydrogen, which, giving that stuff actually labeled "superdense" is available in stable enough form to use as armor, should be *easy* with Traveller tech. And totally destructive to canon ship designs, with theoretical densities *starting* at over 10 times that of liquid hydrogen and going up to like 60 times for some phases.
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