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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Well, now that it appears we can cease the discussion of the use of the Game Time modifier on her Ridiculous Luck (it began with understanding it ought to be +0%... and has now ended back at that +0%. We've come full circle!)

There's a great deal of ad infinitum amounts of variables involved in concerns of time usage. Should we be opening this can of worms?

I will not be swayed to remove her Ridiculous Luck as I've defined it with the now RAW implementation of the modifier. In order for the narrative of this story arc to make sense she needs this level of Ridiculous Luck to have survived the perils of Dungeonland, at least up till the trial where the PCs will arrive just in time to make sure she does not become decapitated by a insane mob of Dungeonlandians.

If you want to nerf her Ridiculous Luck or even take it away I find it hard to even imagine how she managed to survive. I'm less concerned about how the players will feel about being one-upped by a little girl. If anything, it is wholly appropriate to the humorous degree of adversarial style of GM'ing that Gary Gygax wants you to run the modules with.


Remember, this is DF, where it is often assumed that roaming bands of adventurers who delve dangerous depths for profit are ubiquitous within the setting. Silly as it may be, within a DF dungeon crawling setting it is quite plausible that the education system for youth involves teaching them adventuring relevant skills. Like how we often aspire to become doctors or engineers or astronauts in our reality, perhaps the youth of a DF setting might aspire to become professional adventurers.

"Daddy, when I grow up I want to become a cobbler!"

"No sweety, be realistic about your career goals. I'm putting you through an expensive education so one day you can join the Adventurer's Guild and become successful. That's a real career."
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